When you fall pregnant

Assuming that you have been trying to fall pregnant, when it actually happens, excitement is probably the first emotion you and your partner may feel. But when the excitement dies down a little, other thoughts and feelings begin to filter into an expectant mother’s thoughts. Things like a healthy diet and leading a healthy lifestyle, all come to the fore as being necessary for the healthy growth of the baby, and you consider making the dietary changes necessary.

However, as the time goes by, you may begin to wonder if it is actually safe to have sex during pregnancy. It is a question many pregnant women, and possibly their partners, have pondered over.

How safe is sex during pregnancy?

Unless your doctor has told you not to because of a medical reason, it is perfectly safe to have sex while you are pregnant.

Here are some factors to note during pregnancy:

  • Having sex will not hurt the baby. The penis cannot penetrate beyond the vagina, and the baby knows nothing of what is happening.
  • It is however, normal that your sex drive may change while you are pregnant. Talk about things with your partner, it will help if you are overly concerned.
  • If your pregnancy is normal and you have no complications, sex and even orgasms, will not put you at risk of going into early labour.
  • Find a comfortable way of having sex, in order to compensate for a swollen tummy.

If things do become too uncomfortable later in your pregnancy, there are other ways of being loving or making love. Discuss it with your partner.

When you need to avoid sex in pregnancy

The doctor will probably advise you to avoid sex if some of the following conditions occur:

  • If the placenta is low and starts to cause some bleeding.
    It might be before your due date, but you suspect your waters may have broken. Ask the doctor to check.  
  • If there are problems with the entrance of your womb (cervix) you could have a higher risk of early labour, or even a miscarriage.
  • Sex should be avoided in the later stages of pregnancy, especially if you are expecting a multiple birth such as twins. 

Note: If you are having sex with anyone other than your partner, always use a condom to protect you and your baby from picking up a sexually transmitted infection.

A healthy diet

Taking care of sexual issues when you are pregnant is very important. A healthy diet is an important part of a healthy lifestyle at any time, but more so when you are expecting a baby. Healthy eating will help the baby to develop and grow normally. You do not need to go on a special diet, but it is good to eat a variety of foods to get nutrients that you need.

Should you get hungry between meals, try not to opt for snacks that are high in fats and sugar. In addition to being unhealthy, you might easily put on weight that could be difficult to lose once the baby is born.

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    August 15, 2022

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