How well are you sleeping?

Several studies have shown that there is proof that a lack of good sleep may affect the sexuality of both men and women.

Women married to workaholic men, often take strain in the bedroom because husbands are either too tired or unable to perform, due to poor sleep habits.

In the past, the white lie of a headache or a migraine was the most popular reason women gave to avoid having sex. However, recent research has shown that being tired has outsprinted headaches in the race for popular excuses, affecting both men and women.

Feeling too tired may be nearer the truth, especially in the case of partners who have sleep problems, and do not get the benefits of a good night’s sleep. Even if only one partner has poor sleep patterns, the sexuality of both partners can be affected.

Sexual desire is a complicated matter, and there can many causes that have a negative impact on libido, but poor sleeping habits is definitely a major cause on its own.

How lack of sleep affects a man’s sexuality

  • A lack of sleep can lower your sperm count because the body releases less testosterone when the sleep is disturbed. This may result in fertility problems.
  • Poor sleep patterns have been linked to erectile dysfunction.
  • Research has indicated that men who regularly do not get enough sleep, less than 6 hours per night, had 15% less testosterone than normal. This specifically applies to younger men who like to party and burn the midnight oil. Low levels of testosterone are a major cause of low libido.
  • Losing sleep can stress you out, and higher levels of cortisol is pumped into the bloodstream. Higher levels of cortisol have been proven to block testosterone’s beneficial effects on the body.

How a woman’s sexual desire can be affected by poor sleep

  • Women who are deprived of sleep can lead to higher levels of cortisol which is a stress hormone. High cortisol is known to result in lower estrogen and progesterone which are necessary for sexual desire.
  • Women also need a certain amount of testosterone, and the small amount necessary is produced in the ovaries. Poor sleep can affect the production of testosterone in the ovaries, leading to, among other things, a lack of sexual desire.
  • The lack of sleep not only impacts a woman’s desire for sex but may also lead to ovulation problems that affect fertility.

What causes poor sleeping habits?

Extensive research has shown that stress and anxiety are the main causes of poor sleep patterns. Treatment can include medications such as sleeping pills or antidepressants. However, many of these meds have side effects which affect libido and may lead to further distress.

A better way to deal with sleeplessness

Medical science is now revealing that hypnotherapy treatment is growing in popularity to get the job done. Extensive sleep research has shown that cognitive behaviour therapy together with hypnotherapy, is one of the best ways to deal with poor sleep patterns.

Sleep disorders can develop into bad habits because of negative emotions, harmful thought patterns, stress, and anxiety. There is evidence that these mindsets have been successfully treated by means of hypnotherapy.

For the best outcome, the therapist will design a unique treatment program to suit your personal circumstances. You will also learn how to relax and clear your mind of stress and other issues which may be affecting your sexual desire.

There are many success stories that attest to hypnotherapy being a most beneficial way to fully restore your sleep cycle – and your libido – to its former glory.

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