Bedroom signs that there may be some health issues

Most men are not always keen to visit the doctor – especially when it comes to hassles in the bedroom. Many men do not always notice that there may be changes, so to keep your man sexually healthy, it is up to you to stay vigilant when you are making love.

The intimate moments you share with your partner are important to your relationship, and new studies have shown that it may even be vital for his health. You could be the first to notice that something in his masculinity profile has changed.

A number of common adverse sexual conditions can stealthily develop at any age to cause concern.

Low libido issues

If his sex drive has declined in any way, here are some medical conditions which may be responsible:

  • The prostate. An enlarged or swollen prostate, also known as BPH, can result in changes in urinary habits such as more frequent urination, or even blood in the urine. BPH, while not cancerous, also restricts blood flow to the genitals, raising the risk of erectile dysfunction – ED. There are various successful treatments available for BPH under medical care.
  • Loss of libido. At one time or another, every man may suffer a temporary loss of libido – this is normal. But if it gets worse and your partner is unable to get or maintain an erection long enough for sex, it can be a worrying situation for both of you.
  • Erectile dysfunction. In the beginning, you may feel that your man is no longer interested in you, especially if he tries to avoid sex. This does not mean that your relationship is on the rocks, but rather that the ED symptoms are getting worse possibly due to an underlying medical issue. Some of the conditions which can influence symptoms of ED include diabetes, high cholesterol, obesity, kidney disease, and some cardiovascular issues.
  • Low testosterone. This can be a major problem, which fortunately can be treated successfully once diagnosed by a blood test.
  • Stress and anxiety. Extreme stress and anxiety which is treated with antidepressant meds is a cause for concern. Many of these meds have side effects which can affect sexuality, and in many cases, the patient has no idea of these side effects, and cannot understand why sexual desire is so low.

Many men are notoriously reluctant to visit the doctor, as they seem to believe that it impacts their masculine ability to recover naturally. This is especially true if they have sexual issues and embarrassing shortcomings to discuss with the doctor. If your partner has any of these symptoms which is very worrying to both of you, persuade him to visit the doctor for a correct diagnosis before things get totally out of hand.


Studies in the US show that men are less likely to go to a doctor for regular check-ups. It was also revealed that 80% of women make family health care decisions. Your influence in the home and family is needed. It might take a little effort to make sure your man does not become a statistic of an undiagnosed medical condition, but it might be worth it.

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December 20, 2020

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