Has your partner suddenly lost interest in sex?

This is not about men who have lost some of their libido due to aging. We are talking about men in the peak of their sexual lives, who have a sudden disinterest in sex intercourse. Sex cannot sustain a marriage or a relationship, but the absence of sex due to low sex drive can have a devastating effect. If there is no, or very little communication between partners, a woman may feel rejected, and begin to wonder if her partner is being unfaithful.

There are various reasons besides unfaithfulness that can cause a man to lose interest in sex. These may include emotional, medical, and physical issues.

Common factors which relate to men losing sexual interest

  • Low testosterone leads to low libido, and often to erectile dysfunction. If your partner is having erection hassles, it may be because of low T. A visit to the doctor can easily establish this by means of a simple blood test. This can certainly help to bring things back to normal.
  • If your man has weight problems, fat works against testosterone. The more overweight he is, the less desire he will have for sex.
  • Sex counsellors and other relationship experts are known to advise couples with sexual problems to watch pornography. This can lead to problems as porn trains the brain to be aroused by image, and not by improving relationships. Studies have shown that porn is not harmless as it can lower the libido. Nor is it just fun to watch, especially if you are trying to repair your sex life.
  • Spending hours at night playing video games, or glued to the TV watching movies, will leave a man tired out and not very keen to put the effort in and make love.

If your partner is a workaholic, the workplace is where he thrives and gets a lot of attention for being super competent. If he feels he is not getting the praise and recognition he deserves at home, it will encourage him to devote more of his passion and energy to the workplace where he is praised and admired.
Relationship problems can often take the form of sexual issues. They land up in the bedroom, and fail to be fixed there. A lack of sexual desire can also be due to anxiety, depression, and other emotional problems. These conditions need to be fixed outside the bedroom to bring sexual relations back to normal.

Some men pull away sexually because they feel they are disrespected by their partners. Respect really goes both ways, but you have to be mindful of how you speak to your partner. Research has shown that there are women who are inclined to belittle their menfolk. Over-sensitive men often withhold sex as a sign of their dissatisfaction.

In the past it was always the women in the relationships who were faking the headaches and making excuses to avoid sex. Over the last few years, surveys have shown that more and more relationships are coming under strain, and that men are now in the majority of those making excuses to bypass sexual encounters.

Low sex drive in men is a common challenge that is present in many more marriages and partnerships than we think!

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September 10, 2019

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