Exercise can improve men’s sexual health

A lesser-known benefit of exercise

Regular exercise is well known to have several amazing health benefits for almost the entire body, which include less stress, a healthy body weight, getting extra oxygen into the bloodstream, toning muscles, and a proper functioning cardio vascular system which improves blood flow. However in spite of these benefits to your health, many people make very little effort to get any exercise at all.

Research has shown that another benefit of regular exercise which is not so well known, is that of the improvement of sexual health. Vigorous exercise is not needed. A daily walk around the block is enough to get you started, until you are able to do more to keep your sex life up to speed.

How exercise can help your sex life

Here are some of the ways exercise can improve your sex life and keep it going well.

  • The biggest boost from exercise to your sex life is to lower your risk of erectile dysfunction or ED. Exercise improves the blood flow to all parts of the body, including the genitals. For a strong, lasting erection, the penis needs a good supply of blood.
  • A key benefit of exercise is to promote a healthy bodyweight. Overweight and obesity is a huge risk factor for ED.
  • A study published in the US Journal of Urology found that physically active men cut their risk of urinary tract infections (UTI) by half. A urinary tract infection can be very painful and affects the bladder, urethra, and prostate. It can result in difficulty passing water, as well as painful ejaculation.
  • Couples who are wanting to have children, may find fertility issues coming up if both partners, and particularly the male, have an inactive and sedentary lifestyle. If the heaviest thing you are lifting is the TV remote control, then your sperm count will be lower than that guys who are lifting heavier items and getting regular exercise.
  • Exercise will get you fit for sexual encounters. If you are in prime shape, you will not puff and pant, nor feel soreness in your abdomen and hips.
  • Exercise can help you feel more energised and confident in and out of the bedroom. When your partner sees you and approves of your physical look, you will also feel good about yourself and be more relaxed when making love.

Exercising to enhance your sexual health is something you may be able to do as a couple. Extensive surveys have shown that it can definitely work both ways, and could strengthen your relationship with each other.

Is sex considered exercise?

Having sex definitely counts as a physical activity, and may at times even reach a moderate level. However it is not vigorous enough to count as a proper workout. A study in the US monitored people’s hearts on a treadmill, and the same study monitored the hearts of people having sex at home, in order to compare exertion levels. The treadmill won hands down.

So the result is that while sex needs a fair amount of exertion, regular exercise is still necessary to provide the energy and exertion for sex.

A positive from the treadmill tests is that most men agreed that sex was far more fun than the treadmill!

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September 15, 2019

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