A blessing in disguise

Many factors can lead to a man having erectile problems, but a medical reason may be because blood is not flowing properly to the penis. If you are having ongoing problems with erections, it may be a sign that the arteries in your heart are not working as they should be. This can affect blood flow and arteries throughout the body, and the penile artery is no exception.

Numerous studies have shown that men with erectile dysfunction have a higher risk of cardiovascular disease, such as heart attacks or strokes. The main point is that the same things which cause blockages in the heart can cause blockages in the penile artery.

However, because the penile artery is much smaller, you could feel the effects of a restricted blood flow in the form of ED problems, a lot sooner than you would feel blood flow hassles elsewhere in the body.

If you are experiencing ED difficulties, a visit to the doctor to check your arteries and heart function, may reveal evidence of early cardiovascular disease. Effective treatment could save your life – and you may indeed consider a bout of ED a blessing in disguise.

The causes of erectile dysfunction

There is not one single cause of ED. There are several reasons why you may be experiencing low libido hassles, including depression, stress, trauma, certain medications, as well as low testosterone, and vascular trouble.

Research has shown that a vascular problem is one of the most common causes of ED. When arteries around the heart or brain become narrow and clogged with plaque, you can suffer a heart attack or stroke.

The same thing can happen to the penile artery, and erections just cannot occur, no matter how much stimulation you try. For an erection to take place and be maintained, the penis needs a healthy blood flow supply. Even a partially blocked artery will present difficulties with erections, which may still occasionally occur, until the artery is completely blocked.

How to conquer your erectile problems

Most men with ED tend to keep it to themselves, as they feel it is an assault on their manhood. This can lead to a mire of psychological issues such as embarrassment, frustration, performance anxiety, and anger. Many also convince themselves that it is only temporary, and will pass with time.

Whatever the cause of your ED might be, there are treatments available with proven success to help restore your sexual prowess. Perhaps the first thing to do, is to have an open and frank discussion with your partner to gain her support and understanding of your predicament, especially if your desire for sex is still there, but erections are just not happening.

A visit to the doctor can help establish whether there are indeed vascular problems, or possibly other medical, hormonal, or psychological issues.

If the doctor concludes that vascular trouble could be the problem, you may be sent for further tests to check your heart arteries. Early detection of blocked or narrowing arteries can prevent more serious future health difficulties.

Unclogging your arteries

  • There are medications like statin drugs which can reduce plaque build-up in arteries, but a better way is to improve your diet, exercise, and lose weight, especially if you are carrying even a little flab.
  • Reduce intake of high-cholesterol foods such as fatty red meat, eggs, fried foods, chicken which is not skinless, and full-fat dairy, will lead to improved artery health. Fill up with fruit and veggies which boost nitric oxide production, and promote easier blood flow throughout the body. Get exercising!
  • Take action now – make some permanent lifestyle changes to clear your arteries and get your sex life back to where it should be.

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June 19, 2017

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