What impacts female sex drive?

It is perfectly natural for a woman’s sex drive to fluctuate throughout her life. Contributing factors can be caused by so many things and in most cases these fluctuations are perfectly natural but when it becomes an ongoing issue and affects personal relationships in the long term, many women choose to seek help for it. Where a woman is in her relationship, major life changes, menopause or illness as well as medications like anti-depressants can have an impact.

Are there safe treatments for low female sex drive?

Many women do not seek medical help because they are embarrassed or do not want to have to experience the side effects. Fortunately there are safe and natural drugs to increase sex drive in females that do not have negative side effects and do not require a doctor’s prescription.

A woman’s libido is so complex – it is affected by intimacy, physical health, psychological wellbeing, beliefs and trust, to name a few. Physical causes can range from sexual problems like an inability to orgasm, medical diseases like diabetes or high blood pressure, medications as well as the use of alcohol and drugs. Then there is also the impact that a recent surgery can have or just general fatigue from the stresses of caring for family and friends. Hormonal causes from menopause lead to a decrease in sex drive as well as dryness which can lead to painful sex. Other hormonal changes like pregnancy and breastfeeding can also lead to lower sex drive. Then there are the psychological issues like anxiety or depression, stress, low self esteem or poor body image or when a woman has a history of sexual abuse. This can also tie into relationship issues – when a woman is not feeling emotionally close, is disconnected with her parter or does not feel she can trust her partner this can affect her libido.

The great news is that there is help at hand. While it is strongly encouraged to seek professional medical advice for any of the above issues, there is not a 100% safe and natural supplement called Virekta (F) that has proven enhance the libidos of many women who have this issue. Take back your sex life today with Virekta (F)!

October 06, 2014
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