What is chronic fatigue syndrome? (CFS)

Chronic fatigue syndrome is best described as a complicated disorder, characterized by constant, disabling fatigue, which is not relieved by bed rest, and which cannot be related to any underlying medical reason.

This condition is also known as myalgic encephalomyelitis, or ME. The British National Health Service estimates that up to 250,000 people suffer from CFS/ME at any one time.

This syndrome is sometimes so severe that it drastically affects your sexual desire and may even affect your ability to have sexual relations. Although it is more prevalent among women, men also suffer from the devastating fatigue syndrome. Research has shown that many people are able to work, study, or go about their daily business.

What are the symptoms of CFS?

The symptoms vary from person to person, but the common symptom is chronic fatigue which worsens with even the mildest physical or mental exertion.

Other symptoms in addition to fatigue, may include:

  • Sexuality difficulties
  • Difficulty with concentration and memory
  • A sore throat, and swollen glands in the neck
  • Unusual muscle and joint pain
  • Exhaustion which may last longer than 24 hours after exercise, and is not relieved by bed rest

These symptoms may also relate to other problems, so if you have persistent fatigue, consult the doctor.

Diagnosing chronic fatigue syndrome

In spite of many years of research, CFS is still very difficult to diagnose, which leaves many patients not knowing why they feel so tired all the time. Medical doctors will probably conduct some tests to rule out heart problems, diabetes, anaemia, depression, hormonal, and even lack of sexual desire. In all fairness to the medical fraternity, there is no known medication cure.

Some people are so depressed by the fatigue that doctors may prescribe antidepressants, and perhaps a low dose of anti-inflammatories for the muscle pain.

Extensive new research

Extensive research, which has been confirmed by patient testimonials, has revealed that cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) combined with hypnotherapy can help improve symptoms of CFS on a physical and emotional level. Hypnosis can access the subconscious mind and identify harmful thought patterns which may be aggravating the ME symptoms.

Hypnotherapy will help to establish the issues which need to be resolved to keep you symptom-free and restore your confidence to tackle the fatigue problem head-on for a successful outcome.

You are unique

Your particular therapist will undoubtedly tailor a unique plan of treatment that will benefit your specific needs. A good hypnotherapist will also offer total support throughout your treatment.

Every patient is different, and every therapy session will uniquely deal with your particular issues.

The key to the problem lies in the subconscious mind and negative thought patterns. An efficient, experienced hypnotherapist is able to access the subconscious mind and help you to completely change your mindset from negative to positive.

Once your self-esteem is restored and up and running again, you will find that other worrying factors also fall into place, including the important issues of renewed sexual desire and the ability to make love without being too exhausted from the exertion.

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September 20, 2020

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