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Sexual dysfunction affects both men and women of all ages equally. Causes of sexual dysfunction can happen for a variety of reasons that could include stress, anxiety, depression or chronic illness.

Not ready to boost that libido with Viagra yet? There are several alternatives to boosting your libido naturally so let’s not sweat the small (or big or thick) stuff while we explore the 10 natural ways to put that spark back into your sex drive and get you and your partner back to rolling in between the sheets.

Eat your way to a better sex life

There is minimal evidence that supports that certain foods might actually boost your sex drive, but there is definitely no harm in experimenting.

Certain foods are considered to be aphrodisiacs which could promote a healthy sex life. These foods include Avocado’s, oysters, figs, bananas, almonds, seeds, strawberries, watermelon and eggs. Another benefit to these foods are that they all contain essential vitamins and minerals that your body needs. Everything from Zinc, Vitamin E, Selenium, Citrulline and Omega 3.

Benefits of these vitamins:

Zinc: Aids in blood flow to the genitals

Vitamin E: helps enhance sexual desire

Omega 3: increase arousal

Citrulline: Has a Viagra-like effect can be used to treat erectile dysfunction.

So be sure to experiment with putting the va-va-voom back into the bedroom with these lust-inducing foods.

The chocolate indulgence

Dark chocolate is said to increase dopamine levels, the brain’s “pleasure chemical”. Chocolate is known for its libido boosting properties partly because its rich in Phenylethylamine or also referred to as the “love chemical”, as well as serotonin which is said to not only boost libido’s but can also aid in enhancing the mood.

Research has shown that women who tend to each chocolate at least once a day, tend to be more loving as opposed to those who don’t. Another study suggests that women who eat chocolate at least once a day tend to have a more active sex life.

Love chemical here we come!

Get spicy!

There are various claims to what herbs are known to boost your sexual drive. They can be in the form of capsules, tea or added to your meals. So, with your next romantic meal together, be sure to add some garlic and basil to your dish.

Garlic contains a compound called allicin. It is believed to help improve blood circulation by relaxing the blood vessels which in turn promotes blood flow to the sexual organs and assists in improving sexual performance. It does however leave one’s breath smelling pretty nasty, so be sure to have some breath freshener on hand.

Ginkgo Biloba is also believed to relax the blood vessels which in turn aids in improved circulation throughout the body. This herb assists in treating anti-depressant induced sexual dysfunction.

Cinnamon is an oldie but remains a goodie. It has been used for centuries, dating back to medieval times when it was used for love potions. Cinnamon is also known to improve circulation and is mildly stimulating.

Damiana is primarily used in Central America for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, frigidity and testicular atrophy. It’s believed to increase nerve sensitivity.

Ginseng is known to increase stamina and improve fatigue as well as strengthen the adrenal glands.

Maca is known to increase energy and pituitary function. Maca also improves vaginal lubrication.

The African wonder

Yohimbe is an alkaline and is derived from the bark of a tree in West Africa and cultivated into supplement form. Studies have shown that this supplement not only helps boost your libido, but it also aids in the treatment of erectile dysfunction, aids in fat loss and lowers blood pressure.

Boost your self confidence

We all know the saying, “if you look good, you feel good”. An unhealthy diet and lack of exercise leads to a poor self-image. These things can lead to little to no desire to having and enjoying sex.

Shift the focus from your flaws to your positive attributes to help boost your self-confidence.

The Klink of your drink

Studies have shown that consuming too much alcohol can ruin your ability to perform sexually as well as inhibit your ability to orgasm. Drinking one glass of wine instead of two could put you at ease and increase your desire in becoming intimate.

Meditate and rejuvenate

Stress affects us all and no matter how healthy you are, stress definitely has a detriment effect on your sex drive. Studies have shown that women are more susceptible to the effects of stress on one’s sex life. Men on the other hand, may use sex to relieve stress.

Relieve stress by participating in sports activities, visiting the gym or even taking a yoga class.

Hit the snooze button

Studies have shown that those with a hectic lifestyle, tend to not get the right amount of sleep. Individuals struggle to fall asleep due to stress, and as a result do not get enough sleep which in turn can lead to a decrease in sex drive.

Combat the decrease in sex drive by being sure to take naps wherever you can and eating a healthy diet which is high in proteins and low in carbohydrates. Also ensure that you get at least 8 hours of sleep a night.

Keep the spark alive

Tempers are high and chances are you are just not in the mood to have sex. Emotional closeness and intimacy are key to sexual intimacy for women. This means that conflicts in your relationship can have a detriment effect on sexual intimacy.

Communication is key to resolving conflicts and building trust. It is important to prevent resentments from building up.

Talk to your doctor

If you are following a natural approach to boosting your sex drive, it might still be beneficial to talk to your doctor. There may be underlying problems that you are not aware of.

Your doctor may suggest strategies for enhancing your sexual desire which may include making healthier lifestyle choices, communicating with your partner and identifying underlying medical conditions. Knowing the root of the problem will make solving the problem so much easier.

If you decide to start taking that little blue pill, you need to remember that desire is the core of sexual drive. There may be underlying emotional issues that need to be dealt with before you will find success with the little blue pill.

June 16, 2016
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