You are not alone!

If you have ever felt so conscious about your body that you purposefully avoided sex, don’t worry – you are not alone.

Researchers have noted that the so-called appearance anxiety affects countless men and women in the bedroom.

If you feel you are just not sexy enough to please your partner, you may be harbouring a poor body image which is linked to low self-esteem. A woman may be overly concerned about her breast size, while a man may have feelings of inadequacy because he believes his penis is too small.

Being over self-conscious and dissatisfied about your appearance, can seriously flatten your libido and sex life.

Some symptoms which may help to tell if you have a poor body image

  • Do you want the lights turned off so your partner can’t see your body?
  • Are you wanting to partly cover your body with clothing, lights off, and hope that your partner does not see your worrisome areas?
  • Do you often try and avoid sex, or put it off for no good reason?
  • Do you believe that will enjoy sex much more if you could lose a few pounds?
  • During sex, are you focussing more on the fact that your thighs might be too big, or your belly protruding, than paying attention to the sex act itself?

If you are experiencing some of the above feelings during your sexual encounters, then the chances are you have a definite problem with your body image, which can potentially inhibit your relationships.

Good news

The good news is that there are some excellent solutions out there that can counter a negative body image.

First of all, what you see in the mirror is not your body image. There are a myriad of other qualities which make up your body image, and it is also what you think and feel about yourself which is important. What you see in the mirror, may not be what your partner sees.

If you are told by your partner that you look good and are sexy, why not accept it as being so?

You may not look exactly like the ultra-slim models, or muscular hunks, so dearly beloved in magazines or on the TV – but then in reality, nor do they. Most of those perfect pics are air-brushed to suit the personalities they present.

The glossy pics in magazines are only for dreamers, and mainly because they want the pics to sell products or services. Don’t fall for the ploys about getting a perfect body, you will only land up being more dissatisfied with your own body image.

How you can boost how you feel about your body image

  • If you want to do some body maintenance to lose some weight, or maybe tighten up some muscles, set realistic expectations to achieve this. Remember that these things can take time.
  • Start feeling good about yourself, and bear in mind that no single body is completely free of cellulite, or blemishes. What is important is how you feel about yourself.
  • Being confident in your body is given a boost when you are confident in the person who you are. Feeling good about yourself must come from you, no matter how many compliments you may get from your partner.
  • Make positive affirmations that you may indeed not be perfect, but that you are more than okay, and feel confident in your body. This is the way to build your self-esteem, and get a new mindset to change what is possible to change.

You do not have to be trapped in a negative body image!

Value yourself

Always value yourself as a whole person, and don’t think that you are just someone with a negative body image. Self-confidence is a result of what you do, not how you look. When you feel really good about yourself and your body, you will glow with confidence – and this is a sexy look for both men and women.

You may not be able to trade your body in for a great new one, but you can definitely boost your body image.

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