Are you having more sex than your body can handle?

Is it possible to have too much sex?

You may have wondered at some time whether it is really possible to have too much sex. You might also have wondered just exactly how much would be too much be for your body to handle. The good news is that if you and you partner are happy and comfortable with the amount of sex you have, there is really no such thing as too much sex for you.

However, if you are always going at it hammer and tongs, there are physical issues for both men and women which may arise.

Issues which can trouble you if you have too much sex

Although studies have shown that regular sex has health benefits, if you overdo it, there will definitely be some side effects that affect both men and women. Here is a list of the most common problems related to having too much sex.


  • Lower back pain, soreness in the genital area, and possible bruising.
  • Sex may become painful if there is not sufficient lubrication in the vagina during penetration.
  • This can also lead to damaged nerves due to overstimulation of the same spot in the genital area.
  • Although sex is good for the heart and keeps increasing blood flow, it can lead to complications for anyone who has a heart problem, no matter how slight it might be.
  • Too much sex also increases a woman’s risk of a vaginal and a urinary tract infection.


  • Vigorous moving up and down may lead to strained stomach muscles, and lower back pain.
  • A man may experience pain, irritation, and soreness in the penis.
  • It is a rare occurrence, but a condition known as a fractured penis can happen. This is a split in the sheath and muscle of the penis, and is nothing to do with a bone breaking. A fracture may take place when the erection is a little weak to handle vigorous sex which may be happening, and the penis can bend or fracture under the pressure. This is a very painful injury, and if it happens, there will be an immediate loss of erection. Get to the doctor as soon as possible for treatment.
  • If a man ejaculates very frequently in a short period of time, it is going to cause pain as the body cannot timeously manufacture enough semen which protects and carries the sperm out of the body. A dry ejaculation can occur which is painful.

In a nutshell, too much sex has been known to detract from the amount of pleasure you should be getting from getting from your sexual encounters.

How much sex do we really need?

This is a question which has been posed by many people, and just as many people have wondered whether their sex lives are normal, compared to others. There is no statistical answer, as what is too little sex for some, could be too much for others. Couples should focus on each other and come to a happy situation which is pleasing to both. Sex is meant to be enjoyable, and is a vital aspect of all loving relationships. Happiness is elusive, and if you have relationship problems, in spite of what some people believe, ramping up the number of times you have sex will not make you any happier.

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    February 25, 2020

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