A big part of a relationship

Countless studies have shown that sex is a major part of a relationship. It is not only about having a sexual encounter, but also about the physical intimacy that makes them feel closer together. It always seems to be wonderful at first, but after time, the first flush of magic sex begins to wear off a little. This happens in many relationships and does not mean that there is anything wrong. However, if the issues are on-going, and not just a one-off below par performance, one or both partners, may begin to feel insecure and defensive about how they are managing in bed.

What does it actually mean to be bad in bed?

There are many factors which can qualify a person – man or woman - as being considered to be bad in bed. It may be a combination of a lack of self-confidence, inexperience, and a measure of performance anxiety.

Here are some common factors which could be regarded as being bad in bed, applicable to both men and women:

  • Those who fake enthusiasm so badly that it is obvious to even the dumbest partner.
  • Some women are so fussy they are almost impossible to please.
  • There are some men and women that don’t know what they want or what they like, and are not even sure whether they really enjoyed the sex or not.
  • Inexperience in sexual matters can make some people so nervous about doing things wrong that they end up not wanting to do anything at all.
  • People with body issues who don’t like their own body image, and think they are full of flaws and very unattractive, are usually not responsive in bed.
  • A woman who struggles with low libido may grow tired of pretending to enjoy the encounter.
  • A man who does not react well to criticism out of the bedroom, may view any positive direction during sex as a personal attack on his manhood. Nothing may go right after that, especially if he takes offence at any suggestions.

Some of these issues may also be construed as bad habits which can be overcome. Other issues could relate to personality types, bad attitudes, and a lack of sexual knowledge. Be especially wary of anyone who vows to give you the best sexual experience you have ever had. This is a person who uses all the bells and whistles in the hope that you will keep coming back for more. The chances are that he or she will not make an ideal partner, neither in the long term or short term. Choosing a partner carefully will help to prevent future relationship hassles.

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December 20, 2022

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