What is sexual repression?

The short answer is that repression refers to deep-seated negative feelings around the very idea of sex. It is further described that it occurs when a person prevents himself or herself from feeling natural sexual urges and desires.

Common behaviors of people who are sexually repressed include shame and distress associated with sexual fantasies, guilt, and other contrary feelings after a sexual encounter.

A sexually repressed person will usually have very negative ideas towards sex, and may consider the act, and everything associated with it, absolutely wrong.

This gives rise to even stronger feelings of guilt should a sexual encounter actually occur.

Some reasons why this condition may psychologically develop. This condition has long been part of the psyche of human beings, and the major cause would appear to be psychological, and not physical.

  • In some societies, sex is regarded as an immoral subject, never to be spoken about in public, and sometimes not even in the home. This form of reasoning has helped to shape intercourse into a shameful act for many people.
  • When a young person reaches puberty, the body goes through many changes, which may elicit questions regarding these changes and feelings. Someone in an environment where these things are not spoken about, may begin to view sex in a negative light, which could lead to sexual repression.
  • People who have experienced any kind of sexual trauma, may also view sex in a negative way. Any healthy feelings towards sex are simply shut off.
  • A person may also be sexually repressed without even being aware of it. Some people with conflicting or negative feelings about sexuality, may hide their feelings under a cover of religion, culture, or upright morality.

Sexually repressed people who are in a relationship, will often endure sex, rather than find any enjoyment in a sexual encounter.

Managing sexual repression

Sexual repression can be born from physical, emotional, and mental issues. Someone who wants to deal with sexual repression, may eventually find pleasure in sex.

However, this will entail adopting a new mindset, and letting go of previous ideas that sex is unhealthy, unhygienic, and shameful. Experts agree that a trusted source of therapy is the best way to manage and eliminate the issues of sexual repression.

An expert, experienced therapist can help with identifying triggers of repression, and factors like anxiety and fear which encourage the progression of repression.

Therapy will also help you to steer through sexual difficulties, and with their expert advice, you can learn how to enjoy intimate moments. You will also learn how to leave any unresolved traumatic sexual events behind, and free your mind from harmful, negative thoughts.

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