Low sex drive affects both partners

While for most men achieving an erection is not problematic at all, for an increasingly large amount of men around the world, erection and sex drive issues are becoming more widespread. This means that more and more men are seeking help for this often embarrassing issue that not only affects the man experiencing the issue but also the partner.

The physiology of erections

In order to treat erection or low sex drive issues, the psychology and physiology of erections must be understood. When a man is aroused it means that there is a complicated system of communication going on between hormones, nerves, muscles and blood vessels so that an erection can be achieved. A message is sent from the brain to the penis so that the muscles of the penis are stimulated, therefore increasing the blood flow. The increase in blood flow is what initiates the erection and is therefore vital for men to have healthy sex lives. Unfortunately many men have libido and erection issues and seek help from medical professionals.

Reasons for low sex drive

Men can experience erectile and low sex drive issues for a number of reasons and they are often a combination of psychological and physical. Psychological factors can be anxiety issues related to sexual performance, issues in the relationship, or depression. Physical issues can range from high-blood pressure, diabetes, weight gain or heart disease as well as the use of medications like anti depressants or muscle relaxants.

The good news is that there are tablets for gentlemen with low sex drives available that are 100% safe and natural and do not require a prescription or even a visit to the doctor. Virekta Plus is a trusted erectile enhancement product that has proven results. This product deals with erectile issues holistically and does not just treat the symptoms. Gentlemen who have used Virekta Plus have noted that as well as seeing a dramatic improvement in the strength and duration of their erections, their sex lives have improved overall, resulting in improved intimacy with their partners as well.

This is great news for any man who is struggling with these kinds of issues but does not necessarily want to go on prescription medication with heavy side effects.

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May 26, 2014
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