Chronic stress

There are many types of sexual dysfunctions, just as there are many causes of the disorder. However, when the words “sexual dysfunction” is mentioned, the thoughts of most people turn to a physical reason. However, studies have shown that in many cases, the cause could be a mental issue due to ongoing chronic stress problems.

Short-lived periods of stress are a regular part of life that seldom impact your daily life. When the stressful feelings become long-lasting and chronic, they may severely impact your health. Some people find themselves in an almost constant state of high stress. This is defined as chronic stress, which may affect the whole body, and makes it difficult to function on a daily basis. Some common symptoms of chronic stress can include:

  • A worrying loss of sexual desire
  • Fatigue and painful headaches
  • Rapid thoughts which flit from place to place
  • Digestive problems and a loss of appetite which may result in unexpected weight loss
  • Low immunity and frequent infections

Stress which is poorly managed often leads to anxiety, which may result in potential panic attacks.

How chronic stress can impact your sex life

Stress and anxiety are experienced in the mind, and there are some people who wonder how something which happens in the brain, can affect libido and erectile dysfunction. Here are some ways your sex life can be impacted:

  • Stress and anxiety result in the brain production of cortisol, which reduces the production of testosterone, needed for good erections, and sexual desire.
  • Stress can also lead to a rapid heartbeat, which puts the heart under stress and may affect blood flow. The genital areas of both men and women need a strong flow of blood to operate properly.
  • When you are upset and worried, you just might not feel like getting physical, which may cause problems in your relationship.
  • Sometimes when your brain is buzzing with a myriad of different thoughts, you may experience some brain fog, which can also result in a dip in your libido. When you are unable to relax, it can be difficult to get aroused or reach a climax.

Chronic stress can seem overwhelming, and if not treated, you may well begin to feel that you have lost control over your life.

Managing stress

Feeling stressed is often connected to life circumstances, and most of the time the stress is reduced when the anticipated worrisome events have passed by. Chronic stress does not go away on its own, and can absolutely disrupt your life. Stress is known to elevate both blood pressure and blood sugar levels, which only adds to problems you may have with low libido and sexual desire issues.

If your sex drive remains low, and you continue to have hassles with arousal or erections, medical intervention for a thorough examination and tests might be called for. A therapist may be recommended to help you manage the stress and anxiety, and get your life back on track.

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April 21, 2022

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