Menopause is a time of change for both partners

20th Oct 2019| by Colin Katz
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For women, the menopause is a time of extreme change, both physically and emotionally, but for husbands and partners it can also be a very stressful time. Many men have difficulty understanding the fluctuating hormones, mood swings, hot flushes, lack of sexual desire, and other menopausal symptoms which may occur.

With all the changes taking place it can be frustrating for a man to figure out what to do, when everything he does or says seems to be wrong. Even in the most caring and loving relationships, this can be a recipe for disaster, which is like a body blow to the heart of a man’s self-esteem and masculinity. A marriage or relationship may completely disintegrate because of a lack of understanding between the two of what they are each going through, albeit in different ways.

Psychological effects a man may experience from a partner going through menopause

Women going through menopause have to cope with many changes, but men also have to deal with psychological issues just as their partners have to.

Here are some of them:

  • During menopause, women have a great deal of mood swings. Some days the partner is normal and calm, while other days her behaviour is erratic and aggressive. This leads to serious anxiety on a daily basis for a man trying to understand what is happening.
  • Men often feel guilty if emotional outbursts are directed at them, as they may take it personally, and get hurt in ways their partners never intended.
  • There is additional pressure on a man to take more responsibility in the running of the home, especially if his partner is not feeling well. This also adds to already high stress levels.
  • A major cause of discontent is the sudden loss of sexual desire by his partner in the bedroom, where there were previously no intimacy problems. The resulting emotional turmoil may lead to lasting relationship damage.

Fortunately, most symptoms such as moodiness, anxiety, and tearfulness, are mainly caused by a woman’s physical changes during menopause, and not by their partners or husbands. If there is good communication between partners, all of these issues can be dealt with, especially that of a lack of sexual desire.

How to prepare yourself for your partner’s menopause

Here are some ways you can help keep the peace and get things back on an even keel:

  • Prepare for irritableness and unpredictable moods from your partner by staying calm and not reacting in a negative way.
  • Many women feel less feminine when they go through menopause, so be patient in the bedroom. Make her feel beautiful, loved and appreciated.
  • Encourage her to visit the doctor to discuss the menopausal symptoms. Help is available which can help restore her equilibrium, quality of life, and sexual desire. If necessary, offer to accompany her. But if she would rather go alone, do not take offence.
  • Mostly, be as patient and understanding as you can. It will help with mood swings.

You also need to help yourself

You might need to take some action to lower your own stress levels, which will help you to cope. Consult your doctor for some professional advice.

Fortunately, menopause does not last forever. With the right treatment, your partner could soon be back to her old self, and the quality of both your lives can greatly improve.

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October 20, 2019

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