Low libido in men

Low libido describes a decreased interest in sexual activity. Unless there are underlying reasons, men generally notice a difference in their libido around the ages of 60 to 65. It can rear its irksome head suddenly, or gradually, in a man’s life. A man and his partner who have enjoyed a good sexual relationship, will both be distressed if the problem arises.

A recent survey conducted showed that men have sex for various reasons. Some of the replies include:

  • It feels good.
  • It’s fun.
  • I wanted the physical pleasure and physical gratification.
  • I wanted to show my love and affection, and feel connected to my partner.

However, the number one reason both men and women have sex is because they are attracted to each other. If the attraction lasts and results in a permanent love-relationship, a sudden drop in libido may indeed be cause for concern.

What causes low libido in men?

Although a temporary loss of libido is not uncommon, if you are concerned about anything long-term, make it a priority to visit your doctor to check if there are any underlying health reasons.

Here are some potential causes of low libido in men:

  • Low testosterone, or low T. Testosterone is an important male hormone produced in the testicles, which is responsible for the development of all male sexual characteristics, and is a major factor in your sex drive. Decreasing testosterone is a normal part of aging, as is your sex drive. However, a drastic drop in testosterone will result in a drastic drop in libido. If this is you, and you are concerned about a possible hormonal problem, visit the doctor for advice and a test.
  • Depression and anxiety can have a fundamental change on your life. Activities which you once found enjoyable, including sex, may no longer interest you, and can negatively affect your libido.
  • Constant high stress can disrupt hormone levels, and may result in lowT. During periods of high pressure, your sexual desire will decrease.
  • Certain medications can lower T levels, and in turn result in low libido. These meds may include, beta-blockers, blood pressure medication, and anti-depressant drugs.
  • Sleep problems. Research has shown that chronic sleep hassles may also result in lower levels of testosterone, and be a cause of low libido.
  • Chronic illness. Diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, alcohol abuse and some cancers, are also known to have a detrimental effect on sexual desire.
  • Poor lifestyle habits. A lack of regular exercise, and a bad diet of sugary and refined junk foods, which contain no nutrients to nourish the body, all have the potential to contribute to a low libido problem.

Treatment protocols

There is no blanket treatment for low libido. And there is no magic pill you can take that will give you a quick-fix and restore your dignity in the bedroom.

Each cause of low libido has its own particular treatment. Men suffering from low libido all have one thing in common – LOW LIBIDO. However the causes of the problem may vary from person to person, and should be treated accordingly.

The most common cause of low libido is a hormonal imbalance, followed by psychological issues like stress and anxiety, medication side effects, and poor lifestyle habits.

A hormone imbalance can be diagnosed with a simple blood test, and the right treatment effected by your doctor. Also ask your doctor to explain any side effects of your medications, and if necessary, make changes.

If you have any of the other symptoms listed, try and identify exactly which might apply to you in particular, and take steps to deal with the problem.

Ways to help yourself eliminate the causes of low libido

  • Isolate or identify the triggers which raise your stress levels, and try to avoid any that cause stressful situations. Reducing stress takes the pressure off your emotions and your body.
  • Develop a healthy lifestyle, get plenty of exercise, and enrich your diet with nutrient rich foods such as those high in B vitamins, leafy green veggies, sea food, and garlic, which will all give your libido a hefty lift.
  • There are also supplements like vitamin D which help, and research has promoted the development of potent herbal products, that have helped tremendously in the treatment of low libido.


If you suspect that you may have a low libido problem, it may temporary, but it may not be! Don’t ignore any symptoms, no matter how trivial they may seem to you.

The 3 step plan for low libido:

  1. Identify the cause.
  2. Plan a treatment protocol.
  3. Take action!

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January 24, 2017

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