Low sex drive

It’s very normal for partners to experience differences in sex drives especially if one partner has a low sex drive. This can be cyclical or ongoing but it is always disconcerting when one partner loses interest in sex or the difference in sex drive suddenly becomes exaggerated. Often, when one partner is not wanting to engage sexually, the other takes it personally as a form of rejection. The ‘rejected’ partner might think that the other partner is no longer attracted to, no longer in love with them or have found someone else. While these can be reasons, often there are far more subtle reasons for a partner not wanting to engage as much sexually any more.

While there are a number of reasons for low sex drives in women, it is important to have open and honest conversations about how to deal with her low sex drive so that the full picture on how to deal with it can be attained.

Reasons for low sex drive

Why she might not want sex:

  • There is no intimacy beyond sex: she might be needing more emotional intimacy. If she is feeling threatened or undervalued she might shut down sexually.
  • Too much stress: too much work, or looking after a child/children can lead to exhaustion. If this is the case, offer to help where possible so that the burden is shared.
  • She feels rejected: if she is the one who is always initiating sex, she might think that you don’t actually want to have sex, with her.
  • She has a negative body image: she might not feel desirable and this is causing inhibitions to come to the surface. Weight fluctuations, pregnancy and aging can contribute to this. Try to compliment your partner so that they are reinforced that they are attractive but do it genuinely so that they don’t just see it as a trick to get them into bed.
  • There is no affection beyond sex: if she is not receiving affection beyond sex, she can feel used. Make sure that she is getting casual hugs, kisses and other non-sexual affection throughout the day.
  • Abuse of substances: alcohol and some prescription medication can hinder sex drives and are worth considering when dealing with diminished sex drives.
  • Depression: this too often leads to a lack of interest in sex and can only be remedied by treatment and support.
  • Hormone levels: her hormones will fluctuate so that she will be more ‘in the mood’ at certain times and not so much at others.

While all these issues need to be addressed openly and honestly, there are safe and effective natural supplements that can assist in increasing her sex drive. Find out more!

April 25, 2014
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