Psychological causes which impact negatively on impotence

Men have a lot of fears about impotence, or erectile dysfunction (ED.) Research has shown that psychological factors are responsible for about 15% of all cases of impotence, or ED. In some instances it was also noted that the psychological effects of ED may date back to possible childhood abuse, and other related sexual traumas.

Men whose impotence is caused by emotional problems may need therapy to help them deal with the psychological issues.

Here are some of the more common psychological causes of ED:

  • Stress, whether it be job related, financial, or even marriage related, negatively affects all the functions of the body. This can result in a lack of sexual interest and ED.
  • If a man has once experienced ED, he could become anxious that the problem will occur again, leading to a constant fear of sexual failure, which can escalate into full-scale impotence. There is the danger that a distressing cycle of anxiety may be established whenever a man even thinks about sexual activity.
  • Depression affects a person physically and emotionally, and can cause impotence even when a man is completely at ease in sexual situations. Medications used to treat depression are also known to cause ED.
  • Due to previous episodes of ED, low self-esteem and feelings of inadequacy to function fully as a man, may add fuel to the fire of impotence.

Impotence can have a devastating psychological on most men, even when the problem is purely physical.

Identifying the problem

Pin-pointing a physical cause of impotence is far easier than identifying emotional causes.

A medical examination and tests can reveal if there is an underlying health problem, or perhaps a hormonal imbalance. These issues can be treated with medications or hormones, and help to put your ED back on the rise, as you get on with your life.

On the other hand, psychological issues need to be dealt with differently, and may include therapy sessions to root out the problem. It may take a bit longer to sort out feelings like insecurity, low self-esteem, a lack of confidence, shame, and anger, any of which could come to the fore.

The good news is that no matter whether the cause of your impotence is physical or psychological, there are treatment options that can help restore your sexual prowess in the bedroom.

How you can help yourself to manage impotence

It is not unusual for a man with ED to have mixed feelings of anger, sadness, frustration, and insecurity. These feelings need to be acknowledged and dealt with, as they can sometimes lead to clinical depression which is very difficult to handle, and may include medications that affect virility.

The pivotal key to successfully helping yourself to overcome impotence, is to establish the cause of the ED. This can involve a visit to the doctor for a blood test to ascertain hormone levels, and an examination to see if there could be an underlying health reason. Based on the results, the doctor can take appropriate action and the healing process can begin.

If you are in a loving, understanding relationship with your partner, have a frank, open discussion about the problem – and hold nothing back. If you have not spoken about it before, this alone can lift a huge weight off your shoulders.

Learning to cope with the old, familiar enemies – stress and anxiety, will also be a tremendous help for you to manage impotence.

Natural ways to deal with erectile dysfunction

  • Make some positive lifestyle changes, which must include a healthy eating plan.
  • Cut down on alcohol and tobacco use.
  • Make a plan for regular exercise, each day if possible. This helps to relieve stress, and gives you a feeling of well-being.
  • There are excellent supplements available, as well as natural herbal compounds supported by science, which can give managing ED a tremendous boost.

Impotence, or ED, is not the final bell for your sexual life. Nor is it any reflection on your manhood. To help reverse the problem, it is up you to take positive, proactive steps, banish fears, and begin to take back your life.

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February 07, 2017

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