How sexual dysfunction affects men and women

20th Mar 2020| by Colin Katz
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There are sexual hassles in bedrooms across the world

Although sexual dysfunction is often linked to men, it is perhaps because women are inclined to be more tight-lipped about their issues. But both men and women experience equal sexual problems. Also, women are more adept at faking enjoyment, and even orgasms, with all the right bells and whistles.

Sexual dysfunction can take many forms. It is not limited to erectile dysfunction or lack of sexual desire. There are many areas determined to be common sexual problems in both men and women.

Dealing with sexual problems

An important part of a relationship is being able to enjoy a healthy sex life with your partner. If sexual dysfunction is driving a wedge between you and your partner, visit your doctor, together if possible, and bring up your concerns. It could be an underlying medical condition, which may be affecting either of you.

In addition to an accurate diagnosis and proper treatment if medically needed, the doctor may suggest that couples seek the advice of a counsellor experienced in sexual matters.

Specifically, a counsellor might help you to understand that although certain areas of sexual dysfunction in men and women may overlap, the causes of the disorders may differ, and are often in separate male or female groups.

Factors which may contribute to sexual dysfunction in women

Sexual problems in women are always more complex than those in men, as they are not as obvious like erectile dysfunction etc. Some physical problems can simply decrease a women’s desire for sex, but she may not share the problem with her partner.

Here are the most common reasons for female sexual dysfunction:

  • Hormonal changes during or after menopause can lead to vaginal dryness, which in turn leads to painful sex.
  • Psychological issues like anxiety and depression can lead to a lack of libido if not attended to.
  • Lower levels of estrogen may also contribute to low libido, often during the pre-menopausal stage.
  • Some medications such as certain blood pressure meds and anti-depressants may also lead to a woman having great difficulty achieving an orgasm.
  • General anxiety and every-day stresses are also major libido killers.
  • Diabetes can damage the nerves in the genital area, leading to a lower level of sensation, which affects desire.

Lack of communication between partners is also a major issue.

Reasons why men might struggle in the bedroom

Sexual dysfunction issues men may experience include:

  • Erectile dysfunction (ED) can be caused by conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure, which may lead to difficulty getting or maintaining an erection.
  • General stress and anxiety can also lead to low libido and weak erections.
  • Premature ejaculation, and in some cases – an inability to ejaculate at all, are known to be caused by some anti-depressants, blood pressure meds, and serious cases of anxiety.
  • Lower hormone levels, especially testosterone, combined with other issues such as depression and medication side effects, can lead to chronic low libido and a total lack of desire to engage in sexual encounters.

These problems can be overcome, but you may need the help of a medical professional to establish and treat certain issues.

Unlock the bedroom door

All couples are entitled to enjoy a healthy fulfilling sex life, and a good way to begin is by talking to each other about physical and emotional problematic issues.

Good communication between partners with open and honest discussions, is the key to unlocking the bedroom door and reviving your sex life

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March 20, 2020

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