Effects of differences in libido

While it might be a bit too much to for couples to expect each other’s libidos to always be in sync, it can be disconcerting if one partner is always more interested in sex than the other. When one partner is always trying to initiate sex and the other does not respond, it can be discouraging. This can lead to feelings of rejection, frustration and even distrust. While low libido or disinterest in sex can be as a result of major issues, it's often as a result of some very simply-solved issues.

Reasons for low libido

A gentle and honest conversation can be very helpful in figuring out what the issue is. Here are some reasons for why a woman might lose interest in sex and experience low libido.

She needs intimacy and affection beyond sex:
this might need to be expressed in the form of emotional intimacy. If she is feeling in any way intimidated or taken for granted she might not want to engage sexually. She might need non-sexual affection throughout the day and not just before sex.

She is too stressed:
Juggling work, kids, friends and family and very little time for herself, she might simply not have the energy to engage in sex.

She does not like her body:
if your partner does not feel comfortable with her body she will not feel desirable. Body image issues can be as a result of weight loss and gain, pregnancy as well as just getting older.

She is on medication:
some prescription medication can lower the sex drive without the person even being aware of it. Alcohol and other drugs can also lower libidos.

She is depressed:
a common symptom of depression is a lowered libido – the right treatment and medication can alleviate this.

Her hormones are out of balance:
this can lead to a heightened or lowered sex drive. It is also natural for women to experience fluctuations in hormone levels throughout the month.

There are so many reasons for why a female partner might be experiencing a diminished sex drive but the good news is that there are solutions. A simple solution is female libido booster supplements that are safe and natural and guarantee results.

May 16, 2014
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