What is health anxiety?

People with health anxiety often worry about every little ache or pain they may have. The anxiety is fed by negative thoughts which always make you expect the worst. A lot of time might be spent on google checking and rechecking any symptoms which may appear.

The very fact that most of the aches or pains are described by google as “normal” and not life threatening, does not bring any real comfort. If this is you – you might end up feeling that you are being held captive by your own mind and body.

The urge to over-focus on your bodily-feelings can sometimes be overwhelming. Medical experts agree that health anxiety can have a negative effect on your daily life, and also lower your feelings of well-being, vitality, and confidence.

Health anxiety and sexuality

One of the major issues with health anxiety, is to erode your self-confidence when it comes to sexual encounters. This can apply to both men and women, and lead to overpowering performance anxiety.

Circumstances and traumas, you have faced all your life, play a part in how your brain functions. Health anxiety is recognized as a type of anxiety disorder, and can be successfully treated in line with a specific type of anxiety.

In the case of sexuality, it is possible that you are being treated with antidepressant meds for the nervous obsession with your health. It is common knowledge that many of these particular meds have side effects which include low libido issues. If your libido begins to drop, it will only fuel the fire of performance anxiety.

Because health anxiety is now recognized as a type of anxiety disorder, mental health experts agree that therapy will be the most effective way to go to improve your well-being.

Therapeutic suggestions.

The results of studies conducted, concluded that hypnotherapy is one of the best methods to deal with stress and anxiety. Hypnosis is not magic - you are always in control, and are always conscious and aware of what is going on around you.

It is a process which helps you to relax and focus your mind, so that you are more able to respond to helpful suggestions by the therapist, and clear your mind of negative thoughts and unresolved issues which feed anxiety.

Hypnotherapy also allows the therapist to investigate some of the issues which are holding you captive to health anxiety, and also its negative connection to sexual performance anxiety.

The true face of health anxiety

Severe health anxiety can dramatically affect your well-being, and It may lead to a permanent state of dysphoria. When you are dysphoric, you constantly feel that something is wrong with you, but you cannot quite put your finger on it. Acute dysphoria can affect all aspects of your life, and if you are in a relationship, possibly ruin your sex life as well.

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