Do Penis Enlargements Really Work?

How important is size?

Studies have shown that most guys who think their penis is too small have resorted to the internet for comparisons. This is the worst place to look, as the web is flooded with ads containing unrealistic promises and sensational pictures of what their products or services can do for you. The pictures they use are usually of studs in the full-time pornography business, all greatly endowed.

The ads never contain pictures of men who are average, or slightly less endowed. This gives the perception to the browser that bigger is definitely better.

However, although the size of a man’s penis is sometimes a hot topic of conversation among women, they mostly agree that when it comes to sexual satisfaction, size is irrelevant and very seldom an issue. Research by sexologists has indicated that the most pleasure during sexual encounters is due to technique – not size.

They recommend that couples must work together to ensure that making love is fun and interesting.

It is possible

Medically, penis enlargement is possible. Changes can be made to length and width of the human penis. Doctors are able to surgically to lengthen the penis by cutting the ligaments which secure it to the pelvis. However, this only makes the limp penis look longer, and has little effect on the erect penis except to make it more unstable and less well-rooted to the scrotum.

Some people advocate that you can non-surgically stretch the penis, with rubber-band contraptions, for a few hours each day, for several months. This is meant to gradually remodel the penis, similar to effect of braces on the teeth. The result of braces on the teeth are known to have dramatic successful outcomes. Unfortunately, the best you can expect of the penis treatment is no more than a half-inch or so in length – hardly worth all the hassles!

For those folk who wish to add to the girth of the penis, implants of fat, muscle, or silicone can be sewn or grafted, under the skin on the sides of the penis to increase the diameter. This is a risky idea which may cause problems like erosion through the skin, or an infection which may require the removal of the implants.

This entire process may result in the disfigurement of a penis which previously looked normal. It is a drastic procedure which is not always successful, and is of a high risk nature.

Some facts you need to know

If you are considering have a penile procedure, here are some details from a paper published that examined the outcomes of several studies which were conducted. All the studies included men who had penises of normal size before undergoing treatment for lengthening or increasing diameter – both surgical and non-surgical.

  • Non-surgical extenders definitely helped with length, but only up to 2cms.
  • Inserts or silicone injectable for girth are associated with risks including a lumpy penis.
  • Studies showed that no more than 20% of men were satisfied with the treatment.

It was also noted that after counselling and education was provided, most men decided against penis enlargement, as well as other possible risky penile procedures.

Be realistic!

Unless you have an absolute micro-organ, beware of adverts and internet blogs that give you unrealistic expectations, which may put you at risk for injuries or infections – rather make an effort to be satisfied with what nature gave you.

Rely on your technique and sexual performance to keep your love life pleasurable for both you and your partner.

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May 05, 2019
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