Yes, it is possible to have a heart attack during sex

Your heart is one of the strongest, and most vital, muscles in the body. If your heart stops – so do you – and with or without fanfare, you will exit this life. Your heart needs to be exercised daily to keep it working as well as possible. When you are young, you may be inclined to take your heart health lightly, and a healthy diet and regular exercise will not be of much concern to you.

As you get older and hit the 50 plus mark, you may want to reassess what your body can handle. Experts recommend that you begin to follow a healthy diet to reduce risks of high blood pressure and high blood sugar. Keep exercising, but cut-back a little on very rigorous workouts which may put unnecessary strain on the heart.

A study done by Harvard University showed that average sexual activity gets the heart rate up to about 130 beats per minute which is about 72% of what a treadmill workout would do. If you do not take care of your body by regular exercising, when you reach 50 or 60, a vigorous sexual encounter can come as a big surprise to your heart.

Experts agree that sex typically burns about 5 calories per minute, so depending on the sexual encounter, you may not get as much exertion as a treadmill workout, but rather more like that of a brisk walk.

Risks and age

Further research by Harvard University revealed that for a healthy male of 50 plus, the risk of a heart attack doubles during sex. Studies also showed that men who are obese, unfit, and have poor lifestyle habits, are 4 times more likely to die from a heart attack than at any other time.

If you are constantly stressed and anxious, your heart may not work as well as it should, and might cause a rise in blood pressure which will just add to your risk when you are having sex.

This does not mean that after 50 sex must stop, or slow down to a crawl. There are many years of good sex left in your tank, but the secret is to assess what your body can and cannot do. A healthy heart, no matter what your age, is the best way to prevent a heart attack during sexual intercourse.

How to help keep your heart healthy

This may include a change in lifestyle habits, which can include following a healthy diet high in fruit and veggies, eating less red meat, drinking less alcohol, losing some weight, and giving up smoking if it applies.

Working on your stress levels will also be a major help to keep blood pressure levels in check. Everyone’s exercise level is different, but if you keep exercising at the level to which you are accustomed it will be a great help keeping your heart in a good condition. Make an effort to spend time outdoors, and breathe deeply to take in more oxygen.

The good news is that heart attacks in general are rare, and it certainly does not mean that if you are over 50 or 60, every time you have sex you are risking death!

Some folk have even reported that a new lifestyle regime has improved feelings of well-being, and has helped sex to be more enjoyable by putting the heart attack fears on the back burner.

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May 20, 2019

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