Low sex drive is a common problem

Low sex drive is more common than we realise. This reality is not always obvious because of the private nature of our sex lives. Many will experience disappointment or frustration in silence and will be reluctant to speak to someone about it. Some people may realise that their sex life is far from what they expect, but experience a certain level of denial, hoping that it returns to what it once was. The reality of this condition cannot be ignored because over time, the impact leads to individual and relational strain. Relationships begin to lose their spark because partners no longer share the same level of intimacy they once had. Feelings of failure or even regret may creep in.

What causes low sex drive?

There are different factors that lead to a low sex drive and it is sometimes difficult to pinpoint one specific cause. Various factors can bring about a rapid or gradual decrease. Stress, anxiety, relationship or family problems may be some of the causes. Other medical conditions like high-blood pressure, high cholesterol or diabetes may also have a negative effect on sexual desire. Hormonal causes are another possibility and for men, a drop in testosterone levels will negatively affect their sex drive. A lack or loss of desire is not limited to one gender and women also experience this lack or loss of sex drive. Causes that affect women could be due to hormonal changes related to menopause or childbirth, chronic stress brought about by demands in relationhsips, birth control pills or pain during sex (leading to low sexual desire over time). Fortunately there are solutions to the problems experienced by men and women.

Virekta Super Active will boost low sex drive

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November 28, 2014
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