No good between the sheets!

For most people sex is a huge part of a relationship, and it is the physical intimacy that makes them feel closer together. But sex is not only about love, is it also about mutual enjoyment and pleasure given to each other.

Everyone likes to think they are good in bed. Sadly this is seldom the case. After the first flush of magic sex wears off, you may have been trying to recreate those elusive feelings ever since.

There seems to be something wrong, and it could be that one or both of you is possibly weak between the sheets. If it is ongoing, and not just a one-off below par performance, you may begin to feel insecure and defensive about how you are managing in bed.

What does it actually mean to be bad in bed?

There are many categories which can qualify a person – man or woman – as being bad in bed. Basically it boils down to a lack of interest in your partner, a lack of effort to make sex pleasant for your partner, and also a poor technique.

Here is a list of the more common factors which are regarded as being bad in bed, that are applicable to both men and women:

  • Those who fake enthusiasm so badly that it is patently obvious to even the dumbest partner.
  • Some women are so fussy they are almost impossible to please.
  • There are some that don’t know what they want or what they like, and are not even sure whether they really enjoyed the sex or not.
  • Inexperience in sexual matters can make some people so nervous about doing things wrong that they end up not wanting to do anything at all.
  • People with body issues who don’t like their own body, and think they are full of flaws and very unattractive, are usually not responsive n bed.
  • Selfish people who only care about themselves when having sex, are among the worst sexual partners one can have.
  • Someone who is extra fussy about food and drinks, who often sends food back in restaurants, and constantly complains about things, will also not make a good bedfellow. They are usually easily disgusted, and the awkwardness of sex, with the related sounds and smells, will put them right off, and not be able to fully open up and enjoy the encounter.
  • A woman who struggles with low libido may just give up any pretence, and lie there unresponsive, hoping for the sex to end quickly.
  • A man who does not react well to criticism out of the bedroom, may view any positive direction during sex as a personal attack on his manhood. Nothing may go right after that, will and possibly end in major disappointment.

Some of these issues may be construed as bad habits which can be broken. Other issues could relate to personality traits, bad attitudes, and a lack of sexual education.

Warning signs

If someone is chatting you up with the hope of getting you into bed, here are some warnings signs that they may not be ideal partners.

  • They insist that they are very good at sex.
  • Uses lots of teeth when kissing.
  • A guy who boasts that he has extraordinary lasting powers.
  • A man or woman who is absolutely too eager to get you into the sack, as if they just have to prove something to you.
  • Anyone who is either extra thin or very obese may have body image issues which can put you off enjoying the encounter.
  • Anyone who moans louder than anything you have heard before while kissing.

Choosing a partner carefully can prevent future hassles from unexpectedly arising.

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June 07, 2018

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