What are aphrodisiacs?

Aphrodisiacs are items of food which are reputed to ramp up sexual desire and libido. Since ancient times, humans have long been on the search for natural ways to boost desire and make sex more enjoyable. Well-known supposed aphrodisiacs like chocolates, oysters, champagne, and chili peppers, are offered year after year worldwide on Valentine’s Day menus.

There is no scientific proof that the compounds in these foods do work, and there is no scientific evidence that they don’t work.

There is, however, a school of thought which believes that with the right atmosphere, so-called aphrodisiacs, can at least get you in the mood for romance.

Do these foods really promote sexual desire?

Let’s look at the more well-known aphrodisiacs and see how they actually shape up:

  • Chili peppers. If your date is a spicy food lover, chili peppers are a great choice for seduction. Chilies make the tongue tingle, make the cheeks flush, and plump up the lips. The heat at the table could really spice up your date for both of you.
  • A romantic meal can easily end up in the bedroom, especially if you end the meal with cup of coffee or espresso. The caffeine will not only give you some energy, but also elevate the mood and put you in mind for some loving.
  • Oysters have long been touted as a true aphrodisiac, but here are the facts why they seem to work. Oysters are extremely high in zinc, which has been dubbed the “ultimate sex mineral” and obviously keeps your sexual responses in tip-top condition. Another reason why oysters are highly regarded, is because they are subtly suggestive of vagina!
  • Other foods. Strawberries might look like little hearts to some, and may be romantic to eat, especially when feeding each other. In the same way, because of the way that they look, cucumbers, bananas, and avocados can also have an aphrodisiac effect.
  • The taste of chocolate is smooth, creamy and delicious. Studies have shown that chocolate is a natural source of a chemical compound which is produced in the body during the first moments of falling in love. Chocolate is associated with feeling good, makes you happy, and is a great gift to give to someone, particularly if it is a person you are attracted to. The feel-good chemical in chocolate may easily help your romantic dinner to progress to some bedroom basics.

There is no clinical evidence to prove that any of these sexy, delicious foods have any genuine aphrodisiac qualities. However, because most of them have the potential to elevate the mood and make you feel good, on a psychological level they may produce excellent results.

Don’t be fooled!

There are serious marketing claims about other, almost magical products, which promise to deliver instant high doses of aphrodisiacs. These include saw palmetto, wild yam, rhino horn, and even horny goat weed. But there is no evidence to support the marketing claims. There is no magic, only a potential illusion, and some of the ingredients may even harm your health.

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December 08, 2017

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