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Getting Started As A New Affiliate

If you are a new user who wants to get started as an Affiliate for Herbal Remedies International with UpPromote: Affiliate marketing - This is your quick guide to catch the overview of the app and make the most of your resources in order to launch the best promotion campaign.

First Things First

In order to join an affiliate network, the very first step is to sign up as an affiliate on the affiliate registration form on our website.

1. Sign in your account

When being approved, you will receive a notification email including an affiliate login link. Sign in your account using the email and password which are used to sign up, you will access your affiliate account.

2. Get started with your affiliate account

Once logged in, you are now on your affiliate account dashboard:

Affiliate account dashboard


The first time getting to know the system, it is recommended that to explore all the tabs, from top to bottom:

2.1 Click on the Guide tab to read your merchant's instruction

2.2 On Settings, you can complete your personal details so the merchant can know you better, then click Save changes to save your updates.

  • Especially, in order to get paid, you need to provide your payment details so the merchant can process payment(s) for you. Click on the Payment tab to choose a payment method and add your payment information:
Affiliate settings


2.3. On Marketing tools, you can use the collection of media assets that we provide you with in order to help affiliates promote products better.

Affiliate marketing tools

The promotion media are in the form of images with link (optional) so you can download, get embedded code (to add on your website) and push them on your promotion channels. Other types of assets (file, video, link) can also be shared.

2.4. You can keep track of your earning and payment status on the Commission and Payment tab. But in case you are a starter and there is no earning yet, you should skip this part.

2.5 On Dashboard, you can approach your Affiliate link (which is auto-generated by the system when you are approved), Affiliate coupon (in case we assign you with a coupon). Moreover, you can observe your overall performance on Dashboard including Commission amount, Clicks, Orders and Sales.

Affiliate link


Affiliate guide & tips for success

Part 1: Attract customers for better conversion

Social share to reach customers on more channels:

Social media is becoming more and more prevalent in our lives, and we believe your customers will be no exception. So to reach more visitors on multiple channels, you can click the social share button right on the Dashboard:


Share on social media

Auto-discount for customers

Promoting merely with an affiliate link and coupon(s) isn't enough, why don't you combine them together? There's a solution: You share the affiliate link and a coupon code will be auto-applied at check-out.

So no more effort is needed, neither from you nor your customers, you simply share the link and if a customer buys from it, you both get credit.


On Dashboard, you can see your overall performance with Clicks, orders, and sales figures, but is it enough for analyzing? We guess you would need more than that.

With this system, you can have a Product analytics section that shows the most preferred products in all orders and the most referred products by affiliates on the merchant's shop within the last 30 days.

Affiliate product analytics

What's it for? The table could identify which products are on trend in merchant's shop within the last 30 days so you can put more effort into promoting these specific items. Also, you can have a chance to look at your work overall to see which items you can boost the most and which needed more effort.

Part 2: Improve your earnings and more

Besides tips for attracting customers, this section will help you to figure out more ways to increase your income as well as other useful tips with the system.

Multi-Level Marketing (MLM)

If you are working in the Affiliate field, we guess you've at least heard of Multi-level marketing once, right?

It is a way to let you - the affiliate earn extra money by inviting others to join the system, thus, get credit in form of network commission for any successful referral your team brings. Whoever you invite will become your downline affiliate and you become the upline one.

To get a clearer look at how MLM works within this app, you should take a look at this example:

For example, John signs up as an affiliate, then invites Victor, Victor invites Michelle and Michelle invites David.

If David brings a referral order with a total amount is R1000 and the commission percentage set to the affiliate program is 10%, then David (Original affiliate) will get that 10% total commission, and other affiliates who are with higher levels will receive commission calculated on Program Commission.

If you set:

  1. Commission level 1 (Michelle who invites David) gets 5%,
  2. Commission level 2 (Victor who invites Michelle) gets 5%,
  3. Commission level 3 (John who invites Victor) gets 5%,
So basically, each affiliate can invite or recruit unlimited distributors and the network commission will be calculated on the commission of the affiliate who directly brought the order (original affiliate) with the percentage set by the merchant.

If your merchant activates MLM on their side, you will get a Network link on your Dashboard, which can be used to invite other affiliates to join the team.

Then you can see who is your downline affiliates, total network commission you get as well as the sales they brought on Network tab:

Lifetime commission

For each order customer buys through your affiliate link or coupon, you will get credit, but how about getting commission for all future purchases from a customer or of a product? Yes, it is possible with the Connect customer and connect product option.

With these options, your merchant can connect a specific product or a customer to you, so with all the next orders, you will get rewards no matter if your link/coupon is used.

Work on your own language with Multi-language

Other than the default language - English, UpPromote supports 7 other languages for the affiliate account: Spanish, Chinese, German, French, Portuguese, Italian, Arabic

You can ask your merchant to set your affiliate account in your native language in case you are not too familiar with English. There is also an option for you to choose the language from the list:

Export Invoice

For financial purposes, you might want to export an invoice of your paid referrals, our app does support such a feature. (But your merchant needs to enable Export invoice on their side)

You can click on the Payment tab => click Detail on any transaction and click Download invoice. The exported invoice will include your payment information along with referral details:

We wish you the best and look forward to your success!

June 28, 2024

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