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Taboo, sex and cheaters

Taboo, sex and cheaters

What is taboo? A taboo is an activity or behavior that is forbidden, prohibited, or otherwise outside of what is considered acceptable in society.
April 07, 2023
Keeping your sexuality intact as you age

Keeping your sexuality intact as you age

Keeping your sexuality intact as you age It’s not true that sex has to expire as you get older. Sex can be a powerful emotional experience and great for improving health.
March 09, 2023
Obesity and sex desire

Obesity and sex desire

What’s weight got to do with better sex? A global problem Obesity has grown into a major health issue which has assumed massive worldwide proportions, affecting more than a billion...
The link between sex and eating disorders

The link between sex and eating disorders

Eating disorders are serious medical conditions that strongly influence the way people look at themselves. An eating disorder impacts a person’s self-esteem, body-satisfaction and more.
Health and well-being with regular exercise

Sex during pregnancy - is it safe?

As a pregnant women, you may begin to wonder if it is actually safe to have sex during pregnancy. It is a question many pregnant women, and possibly their partners, have pondered over.
August 15, 2022
What Causes Erectile Dysfunction & How You Can Avoid It

What causes erectile dysfunction and how you can avoid it

For many of us out there, dealing with erectile dysfunction may have become a lifelong battle for one reason or another. It is a sexual disorder that afflicts your ability to produce and then maintain an erection before or during sexual intercourse.
August 04, 2022
Sex Intimacy and Mental Health

Sex, Intimacy and Mental Health

Sex is a matter of mind We often think of sex as something our bodies are doing, but a lot of our sex life takes place in the brain. Thoughts...
June 08, 2022
Using sex as a weapon

Are you using sex as a weapon?

What does this mean? When you use sex as a weapon, you intentionally withhold sex as retaliation for not getting emotional or physical needs met. Controlling the amount and timing...
March 02, 2022
is sex during pregnancy safe

Sex During Pregnancy

Is sex safe during pregnancy? Women and their partners often wonder whether it is safe to have sex during pregnancy. There are questions asked about whether it will harm the...
October 18, 2021
seven simple ways to improve your sex life

7 Simple ways to improve your sex life

How to revitalise your sex life in just a few days If your sex life has crash-landed after a few years together, it may be time to take a long...
December 10, 2020
Facts and fiction about old sex tales

Facts and fiction about old sex tales

Outdated stories In bygone days there was very little sex education available. Many young people, and even some mature folk, had to find their own way through the ins and...
November 20, 2020
The Benefits of Healthy Sex Life

The Benefits of a Healthy Sex Life

What happens if you stop having sex? Studies have shown that sexual satisfaction plays an important role in a healthy relationship. Sex is usually associated with pleasure and enjoyment. This...
November 15, 2020