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Restoring sexuality after childbirth

Restoring sexuality after childbirth

It is up to you! If you have recently gone through a pregnancy and childbirth, the last thing on your mind would probably be when to resume your sex life.
Health and well-being with regular exercise

Sex during pregnancy - is it safe?

As a pregnant women, you may begin to wonder if it is actually safe to have sex during pregnancy. It is a question many pregnant women, and possibly their partners, have pondered over.
August 15, 2022
How a mans health can impact fertility

How a Man’s Health can Impact Pregnancy

Planning a pregnancy When a couple is planning a pregnancy, pre-conception counselling on diet and exercise is usually directed solely at the woman. However, a new in-depth study has suggested...
November 09, 2021
is sex during pregnancy safe

Sex During Pregnancy

Is sex safe during pregnancy? Women and their partners often wonder whether it is safe to have sex during pregnancy. There are questions asked about whether it will harm the...
October 18, 2021