What is impotence?

Impotence is a condition that affects a man’s ability to achieve and maintain an erection. It may also be an inability to achieve ejaculation, and is a form of erectile dysfunction, or ED, as it is also known. Impotence can have a negative impact on a man’s life, and lead to a lack of self-confidence, low self-esteem, and major stress.

Studies have shown that an estimated 50% of men aged 40 to 70 will experience some kind of impotence at one time or another. Although growing older is not the biggest cause of impotence, the risk does increase with age.

It has also been noted that men who have healthy lifestyles, are less likely to suffer from impotence. Some men, no matter what age they may be, never struggle with impotence.

The good news for those who are struggling with erectile dysfunction, is that it is a treatable condition. Numerous interventions are available to help a person regain lost sexual function, which includes natural remedies, medication, and lifestyle changes.

What causes impotence in men?

If you are battling with impotence, being aware of the most common causes can help you understand why you may be experiencing the condition.

Here are some of the potential causes which may result in impotence:

  • Growing older is a potential cause of impotence, but definitely not a major cause. It is considered more of a risk factor, which may be increased by other health issues.
  • Nerve damage. Diabetes is an example of a disease which can lead to impotence. One of the symptoms of diabetes is nerve damage and impaired blood flow. This often affects penis sensations, and hormone levels, both of which can contribute to erectile dysfunction.
  • Neurological disorders such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and a stroke, all which affect certain parts of the brain.
  • Medications like blood pressure meds, heart medication, anti-depressants, diuretics, and some chemotherapy meds, are also known to cause impotence. Even if you have ED, do not stop taking, or change any medication, without consulting your doctor.
  • Cardiac related conditions. Clogging and hardening of the blood vessels (atherosclerosis) which affects the heart’s ability to properly pump blood is a risk factor for impotence. Without enough blood flow to the penis, an erection cannot be achieved.
  • Emotional disorders. Depression and anxiety may pose an increased risk for impotence. Fatigue and feelings of sadness related to depression, can reduce a man’s ability to become sexually excited, and so fail to achieve an erection.
  • Lifestyle issues. Poor lifestyle and eating habits also contribute to the risk of impotence. Drug abuse, alcohol abuse, heavy smoking, lack of exercise, and an unhealthy diet are the main culprits which cause impotence in men.

Remember that it is always a good idea to visit your doctor if impotence is persistent, to rule out any underlying health reason which may be causing impotence.

What kind of treatments are available to treat impotence in men?

There are various treatments available to treat erectile dysfunction, which include prescribed meds, natural remedies, and lifestyle changes.

Medical treatments include Viagra, as well as other prescribed medications, testosterone replacement, and in very severe cases, blood vessel surgery.

If you would prefer to avoid medical treatments or prescription medications, there are a variety of natural remedies which are known to help treat impotence. Alternative and natural remedies include acupuncture, ginseng, and recent studies have indicated that excellent herbal compounds are also available, which are immensely helpful when it comes to resolving impotence problems.

New research

New research conducted at the Mayo Clinic has revealed that whether impotence is the result of a physical or emotional cause, there are many cases on record where lifestyle changes can help reduce the struggle with ED.

They recommend that these changes should include:

  • Reduce drinking and smoking.
  • Communicate better with your romantic partner.
  • Reduce stress and anxiety levels.
  • Start a regular exercise regime.
  • Embrace a healthy eating plan which includes plenty of nutrient rich foods, and also cutting out as many processed and refined foodstuff as you can.
  • Lose some weight if you are carrying more than you should be.

Even if you require a medical intervention such as medication, it is likely that it will be more effective if you lead a healthy lifestyle.

You may not presently be battling with impotence, but these positive lifestyle changes can also be regarded as beneficial measures to help prevent the spectre of impotence coming into your life.

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January 27, 2017 — Colin Katz
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